Okcoin quarterly futures

okcoin quarterly futures

okcoin quarterly futures

WhaleCalls: 436 BTCUSD Quarterly Futures Contracts Liquidated On OKCoin WhaleCalls disclosed via its Twitter handle that: "OKCoin BTCUSD Quarterly futures has liquidated a long position of 436 contracts at $10,384.22 – 2020-02-19 14:58:49."

Live price chart and market data for OKCoin Weekly BTCUSD Futures market. Live price charts and market data for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. But that optimism. The future looks uncertain. Development. It displays information from a variety of platforms, including futures for some coins. exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase, Okex and Poloniex. Changelly, Deribit, OKEx, and …

Calculates current Okcoin futures index price, and plots the current premiums for weekly and quarterly contracts. Also plots the GBTC premium divided by 10 based on the same index price. For reference, the calculated index price divided by 100 is also shown (the white line). Note: The index price is an estimate, and not entirely accurate because of the following limitations: GDAX, one of the six exchanges that …

BSV/USD Quarterly OKExのリアルタイム価格チャート。複数の時間枠での価格統計、オーダーブック、ニュースとトロールボックス。

okcoinusd1w - トレードのアイデア、戦略、意見、分析を完全無料でチェックしてみて下さい! — インジケーターとシグナル

OKex quarterly futures on BTCUSD just dumped to $5,200 while spot was in $6900's. 18 Pages worth of Open liquidations on the BTC0629 contract. What in the living fuck is going on over there? #bitcoin #futures #okcoin pic.twitter.com/qpxST0sZ6x — Whalepool (@whalepool) March 29, 2018

日時 始値 高値 安値 終値 出来高; 2017-10-20 00:00:00: 5809: 5960: 5761.2: 5898.9: 19980034: 2017-10-21 00:00:00: 5895.5: 6497.5: 5710: 6300: 168209420 ...

買) 188BTC BitMEX_BTCUSD 8239USD(884782JPY) 01:33:27 - 33:46 https://cryptowat.ch/bitmex/xbt-perpetual-futures/1m [20] (⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎)うにっ 2018-04-20 01:14:47 削除 付近を見る いなごflyer 売) 124BTC BitMEX_BTCUSD 8238.5USD(884695JPY) 01:13:16 - 13:35 https://cryptowat.ch/bitmex/xbt-perpetual-futures…

""" #用于访问OKCOIN 现货REST API ##### import http.client import urllib import json import hashlib import time def buildMySign(params,secretKey): sign = '' for key in sorted(params.keys()): sign += key + '=' + str(params[key]) +'&' data = sign+'secret_key='+secretKey return hashlib.md5(data.encode("utf8")).hexdigest().upper() def httpGet(url,resource,params=''): conn = …

[04/11 00:00] いなごflyer 買) 309BTC OKEX_BTCUSD_QTLY 6685.19USD(716435JPY) 00:00:26 - 00:46 https://cryptowat.ch/okcoin/btcusd-quarterly-futures/1m [04/11 00:00] 感覚を研ぎ澄まし勝負 …

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